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Hijo de puta!


Special Hen
May 18, 2020
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Del City, OK
Learned a bunch living in Houston and San Antonio, I can cuss, order food and count in Texican, they don't speak Castillion Spanish. A buddy and I were the only gringos at a co-workers daughter quinceañera, had a blast! At work heard pinche gringo a lot!

So they don't like being called "peanuts"? LOL
If they say "Rabiblanco" either leave or shoot them. Anything that starts "Hijo de..." is likely to be be bad, Grew up mostly in SoCal, Los Angeles and Orange counties. High school I graduated from was 80% Hispanic, and all the really beautiful girls were likewise. In the 7th & 8th grades, my Spanish teacher was a former minister or deputy minister of education under Batista, in Cuba. She warned us that the various American dialects of Spanish don't sound anything like Castilian Spanish, and they often have different words for common things. Got decent grades, and learned enough to cover the courtesies, and buy necessities. Then get to 9th grade, rabiblanco teacher there insists we learn Castilian Spanish. Something like 50 kids in the class. Only two of us were Anglos. One one of us passed the class, and that was the other Anglo kid. This was his first Spanish class. Castilians lisp. Further, deponent sayeth not.

Rabiblanco is [email protected]$$, and is a definite pejorative.

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