How much is enough?


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
check function before you go and load up a case worth

You may have overlooked this statement.
I will tell more on that.
When loading a new bullet I like to have a case with a primer that has been shot already in it.
I then load a bullet that I am going to use into the case (NO Powder) and make sure it fits into the magazine.( Not too long)

I then pull the slide back and let it go and see if the dummy round goes up the loading ramp and into the chamber fine.
Some bullet profiles feed better at shorter lengths. Some do just fine being long.

I want to make sure the weapon went all the way into battery.
Some chambers are tight and too large of a case or bullet could make the round bind.

I now pull the slide back and the round should come out nicely and eject.
If it sticks and you must beat or rough handle to get it to open you could have the bullet seated too long.

Get that round out and look for marks on bullet and case.
If you can't see any then take a sharpie and color the entire case and bullet and seat it again into the chamber and remove it .. You will see marks now.

Buddies Kimber was stamped right above the chamber 45ACP and it made the chamber tight right there.
I had to hone it out to make it reliable.
Shame on Kimber.

I will make 3 dummy rounds and load into the magazing and rack the slide quickly 3 times and all 3 rounds should chamber and eject smoothly.
After that I make some with powder.

I will also check each different bullet I wish to use for max OAL (Over All Length) that will chamber into the gun I am working with.
That way like others stated I can change seating depth and see if there is any accuracy there.
And I will know what Max is.
A bullet puller works well to add some length to the round when testing..And coloring it with a sharpie so I can see if I am in the lands.

Sounds like a lot to do but really does not take but a few minutes to do all that.
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