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Oklahoma City Howa Rifles


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Sep 26, 2014
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Oklahoma City
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Oklahoma, United States
Up for sale is my pair of Howa Heavy Barrelled rifles. I am selling to build something custom that would be better suited for my style of hunting.

First up:

Howa 1500HB 308WIN
purchased new as a barreled action from Village Tactical a few years ago. less than 100 rounds down the tube, practically brand new.
20" Barrel
1:10 twist
3 position safety
adjustable trigger

Parts list/MSRP prices:
Barrelled action: $531
MDT LSS Gen 1 Chassis: $430 link to the Gen 2 chassis: LSS Gen2 Chassis
MDT SCS Lite Adjustable Buttstock: $220 MDT SCS-Lite - Skeleton Carbine Stock Lite
MDT Vertical Adjustable grip:$60 MDT Vertical Grip Premier
EGW 20MOA Rail: $70 HD Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard Short Action Picatinny Rail 20 MOA
MDT AICS Pattern 308 5 rd mags: $40 x2 .308/6.5 Creedmoor MDT Polymer AICS Magazine - 5 RND
Vortex 34mm Precision Matched Rings: $240 Precision Matched 34 mm Rings
Vortex Strike Eagle 34mm tube, 5-25x56 scope: $899. Strike Eagle 5-25x56 FFP

Total: $2530
total without optic and rings, $1391

The rifle shoots like a dream, the chassis fits most people perfectly with all the adjustability. Range pics are older, and I am sure I could do better shooting. Thats a 10 shot group I'm pointing at. If I can find time to get to the range soon I'll post some new groups. Will come with BDL bottom metal as well, unused.


Second Rifle:

I purchased this rifle used from Big Boys. The rifle is in great condition, there's a few spots of wear and a few old spots where there was a little surface rust, but I've cleaned it up.

Howa 1500HB
24" barrel
1:12 twist
3 position safety
adjustable trigger
BDL Bottom Metal
came in a hogue overmold stock

Parts list/MSRP prices:
Barrelled action: $499
Bell and Carlson M40 Stock, olive green with black spiderweb: $320 Bell and Carlson: Bell and Carlson Weatherby Vanguard/Howa 1500 M40 Style
Nightforce 20MOA Rail: $60 Nightforce SDB Howa 1500 & Wby Vanguard LA 20 MOA A318 For sale! - Nightforceusa.com
Hogue Stock: $130 Hogue Rubber OverMolded Rifle Stock Howa 1500 Weatherby Vanguard Long
Vortex Crossfire II 3-12x56AO Scope: $369 Crossfire II 3-12x56 AO
Warne Maxima Horizontal 30mm Rings: $60 Warne 1 Maxima Horizontal Permanent-Attachable Weaver-Style Rings

Total: $1438

total without scope and rings: $1009

This rifle shoots great, my most recent trip I was getting .6-.7MOA at 100 yards Using Winchester VarmintX 40gr, and that was with a hot barrel producing tons of mirage. Taking my time and reloading for it I am sure it would do a lot better.


I'll post more pictures in a comment.
One of the nice things about having both of these rifles is that you can swap stocks and most parts between the two. MDT makes 223 AICS pattern mags that will work with the Howa, and that's all you would need to get the 223 running in the chassis.

I am flexible on offers, and am open to cash either direction for the right deal.

Cash prices:

For the 308:

Total MSRP Of build: $2530
total without optic and rings, $1391

Shipping and taxes aren't included with any of these numbers.

I would take $2200 for everything, $1200 without optic and rings.

For the 223:

Total: $1438
total without scope and rings: $1009

I would take $1100 for everything, $700 for the package without optic and rings.

Buy both rifles and I'll give you an extra $100 off for a total of $1800. Buy everything and I'll give you $300 off for a total of $3000.

Trades I am interested in:

Bighorn Origin action in the short configuration, any bolt face

CZ600 Lux in 223
CZ527 in 223
Remington 700 SPS tactical 16.5" in 223
Winchester XPR stealth SR in 223
Tikka t3x lite compact in 223
Ruger American ranch rifle in 223
some Winchester Model 70 rifles
Christensen Arms Ranger
Christensen Arms Ridgeline Scout
Henry Long Ranger in 223 or 308
Smith and Wesson 360PD
Smith and Wesson 340PD
Smith and Wesson M&P R8
Smith and Wesson Model 327 TRR8
Smith and Wesson 627, prefer 5" barrel

Other stuff. I might be interested, just hit me up. Not really interested in AR's or AK's.

I will not ship, I will not take PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Monopoly money, or IOU's. I will not sell to someone who cannot own a firearm. I can meet anywhere in Oklahoma, for the right deal I can meet out of state and make the transfer through an FFL, but it's still gonna be face to face, and it will absolutely be through an FFL. Will need to see drivers license to verify age and state of residence.


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May 15, 2010
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Am I too high?
Maybe for some. The ad is hard to understand, there’s a LOT there to unpack and digest. Tons of info. Also, I couldn’t locate caliber of 2nd rifle until you posted a follow up second post.

Were it me AND since you asked, I think maybe slim back some the info and then send interested parties all the data points. Most aren’t going to read through it. Plus pricing is weird: who posts something for sale $1009?

GLWS on some nice rifles though.

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