I'd like to donate a certificate for a training class, Tulsa area


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May 15, 2007
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I won(haha, cost me) this at a NWTF auction and would like to donate it of you can commit to taking the class.
I don't know what it entails but the class is called Safety First Handgun instruction.
These guys at Green Country Pawn Tulsa have been around for a long time.
I called and they said the next class would be Oct 6th or 13th. They may have future dates.
You'll have to ask them and arrange the dates and times yourself.
Ideally a member in the Tulsa and surrounding area as the class is on 31st street in Tulsa.

Post below if you wish to use this and I will pick a OSA Member of my choice in a few days or so.
Must be a member for at least a month and in good standing and no negative trader feedback.
Tulsa and surrounding area member.
You must come to 101st and Elm(161st) kumngo/Harbour freight corner to pick this up from me sometime next week.
I'll make and change the rulez up as I wish and how I see fit and pick who I want.
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