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If you MUST wait soooo long... might as well save a little cash!!!

Discussion in 'NFA & Class III Discussion' started by APH Tactical, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. APH Tactical

    APH Tactical Sharpshooter

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    Jun 8, 2016
    Lawton, OK
    Hey guys,
    One of our distributors is having a sale on suppressors, so we're going to give our fellow Okies the opportunity to save a little green for that Tax Stamp!

    NOTE: We do NOT have these in stock! Meaning that 30-60 days will be added to your wait time as the distributor had the transfer to APH approved. Additionally, these items will require pick-up in Lawton.

    Price list (not including tax) is as follows:

    1. Saker (7.62) with Muzzle Break(Trifecta MAAD Mount) $874.99
    2. Saker (5.56) with flash hider (Trifecta MAAD Mount) $824.99
    3. Saker K (5.56) with flash hider (Trifecta MAAD Mount) $764.99
    4. Specwar (7.62) with flash hider mount $619.99
    And lastly,
    5. AAC Ti-Rant .45ACP $509.99

    For further education on these suppressors and the process of acquiring them please check out www.silencershop.com

    Take Care,
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