I'm drag racing tonight Thunder valley.


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
Wonder what the 1957 4 door will do.
350" 280H comp magnum flat tappet [email protected] .050 ported 601 heads with stock 1.84-1.50 valves, stock rockers and pushrods, Beehive springs. 10.87 compression and tunnel-ram with 2 edelbrock 1405 600 cfm carburetors.

4.56 gears and a Full spool.
TH 350 and 4500 stall Coan.
Nitto 555R 275-60-15. On 5.5" wide Ford truck steel wheels.
Last time I weighed it she was 3750 with me in it.
Single point distributor and old coil being used.
7000 rpm comes really quick best have your hand on the column shifter at the ready.

I hope for in the 12's with this OLD SCHOOL stuff.

Guess ET if you wish.
I just hope it makes it there and back and I get a run in.

57 good friday 002.JPG

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