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Item Gone: FS Custom Model of 1917 in 375H&H Magnum

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Rez Exelon

Jan 10, 2009
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United States
Item Name: FS Custom Model of 1917 in 375H&H Magnum

Location: Tulsa - Midtown

Zip Code: 74133

Item is for: Sale Only
Sale Price: 860

Caliber: 375 H&H Magnum

Willing to Ship: No

Bill of Sale Required?: No

Item Description: Took this down a while back and debated keeping it, but I'll dangle it out again. This rifle is a Winchester manufactured Model of 1917 action that was customized "back in the day" in "year unknown" into a 375H&H beast of a rifle. If you want something that will take down anything up to "medium sized elephants" then this is the one you want! 375 doesn't have the widest following in our part of the country it seems, which is sad in my opinion. This thing is a blast to shoot, and very accurate if you have the gumption to tame it.

Not gonna lie, this thing has a bit of kick to it, but the SHA CUL period-correct muzzle brake goes a long way to helping that. Also, this is not a light rifle. I'd have to put it on a scale to get the exact weight, but it's a big boy.

Optics wise, I've currently got it wearing a 1977 manufactured Leupold M8 20x Benchrest scope in very good condition. Somewhat overkill for the round I think, but fun nonetheless.

The last time I saw a customized H&H like this was several years ago in the 650-750 range. The scope last sold on eBay a few days ago for ~400, and these are hard to find. Those considered I think my initial asking of $900 is fair, but I've done a price drop to $860 to help clear my safe a bit.



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