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Item Gone: FS/FT Inert Ordnance and military collectables

Discussion in 'Old Ads' started by agb104983, Sep 17, 2019.

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  1. agb104983

    agb104983 Sharpshooter

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    Mar 27, 2008
    Item Name: FS/FT Inert Ordnance and military collectables

    Location: South Tulsa

    Zip Code: 74133

    Item is for: Sale or Trade
    Sale Price: 1
    Trade Value or Items Looking For: Guns, ammo, accessories, optics, inverter generator,

    Willing to Ship: No

    Bill of Sale Required?: No

    Item Description: I have a variety of military collectables, primarily leftovers from when I was really into collecting inert ordnance. Everything is inert, demil, legal to own. This would be great to outfit a mancave, shop, or gameroom. I just don't want to sell it all off individually or deal with shipping so I'd rather sell local/FTF.

    Here is what I have. I can send pictures of everything but you should be able to find examples of most of it on google.
    -Israeli 82mm B-300 bazooka rocket inert(blue) rocket
    -2 round carrier for 84mm Carl Gustav rounds
    -Plastic case for a Bulgarian RPG-7 warhead
    -105mm recoilless casing from the M27
    -105mm steel casing, maybe from a M60 tank gun
    -Electrical gauge/tester for the 2.36 and 3.5 inch bazookas
    -ejection seat initiator levers
    -37mm Armor Piecing projectile from WWII(I think its M74)
    -inert German DM51 grenade
    -M69 practice(blue) grenade
    -Brass mechanical time fuse MK18, used in WWII on 5" naval rounds
    -Dummy/inert 40mm HE round and inert 40mm blue practice round
    -inert 23mm round, probably used in the ZU-23 23mm AA auto cannon
    -plastic dome with metal ring off the front of an aircraft IRST or missile. No seeker or anything, just the plastic half dome with ring.
    -105mm howitzer cartridge casing
    -circular slide rule for artillery firing calculations(120mm M120)
    -M72 LAW subcal manuals, M47 dragon manual, AN/VVS-2 tank viewer manual
    -WWII era 37mm M8 Flare gun
    -Metal storage/transport case for Naval 3"/50 training round. Just the case, no round.
    -a few other things

    I was thinking a trade might be best but I'm open to selling it too. Contact me for more info. I'm open to many trades but guns, ammo, accessories, optics, or inverter generators are always good.

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