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Item Relisted! FS Custom Howa 1500, Extreme Range Target Rifle

Discussion in 'Trash Pile' started by Gaz, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Gaz

    Gaz Marksman

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    Nov 5, 2018
    Oklahoma City
    Item has been relisted, you can find the new listing at: https://www.okshooters.com/threads/fs-custom-howa-1500-extreme-range-target-rifle.269191/
    Item Name: FS Custom Howa 1500, Extreme Range Target Rifle

    Location: Quail Springs

    Zip Code: 73120

    Item is for: Sale Only
    Sale Price: $950

    Caliber: .300 win mag

    Willing to Ship: Yes

    Bill of Sale Required?: No

    Item Description: A few months ago I traded for a custom long rage rifle with the intention of getting into long range shooting. Due to some unforeseen financial circumstances I can no longer make the investment for a scope, range membership, and ammunition for this rifle and need to sell to pay some debts, which is highly unfortunate considering how beautiful this rifle is.

    The rifle is a custom Howa 1500 long action magnum rifle with the following specifications, designed and assembled with care by the previous owner who is a certified gunsmith in the OKC area:

    1. Trued Howa 1500 long magnum action
    2. Trued receiver and bolt face
    3. Lapped lugs and receiver rails
    4. Factory trigger
    5. Krieger #10 MTU barrel
    - .300 WinMag
    - 26"
    - 1:10 twist
    - Round .900" at the muzzle
    6. McMillan A5 stock
    - Devcon and aluminum pillar bedded
    - CDI dbm with one (1) 5 round AI magazine
    - Saddle cheek piece
    - Left side flush cups
    - Forend bipod stud
    - McMillan recoil spacer system
    - EGW 20 MOA pic rail

    This is a heavy rifle with the Krieger #10 barrel designed around long range precision shooting. The .300wm chambering is excellent for ranges up to and exceeding 1000m. If you, like me, want to get into the long range sport you may have to spend some more on the .300wm ammunition as opposed to a .308 or similar chambering, but you will not out grow the rifle. If you want to hunt this rifle will be great at takedowns, but in my opinion it is too heavy if your hunting trips include a lot of rucking. Just some ideas, but ultimately this thing is a blast to shoot with only a couple dozen cartridges through the barrel, so a long life left.

    Bipod not included, otherwise comes with everything else described/pictured.

    Local pickup preferred, though if you want to ship to an FFL we may be able to work out a way to split the cost of shipping.

    Asking $950 OBO

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