Ladies, Come to the GGSF Match AT OKC Gun Club

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Dec 1, 2008
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Moore, OK
It’s amazing to watch the participation of the ladies grow at these matches.
Ladies, come join us in Oklahoma for the OKC Red Dirt Shootout October 22/23. There are some additional prizes being donated for random draw to the ladies that shoot the Glock Girl division. This has the ingredients of being the largest Glock Girl count of the year! Bring your significant other so they can shoot too. (Or make you a sammich while your shoot)

From Jamie who puts on the Ladies Pistol League at OKC Gun Club among other groups:
Ladies I need your help!!!!
We have our first GSSF match coming to OKC on October 22nd & 23rd. There will be people traveling in from all over the country to participate in this event!!! This match is shaping up to be one for the record book for us ladies, but we need more women to get signed up!!! Do not let the words "match" or "competition" scare you off!! GSSF is designed for all levels of experience and is a very family friendly environment!! Please join us and bring the whole family...and don't forget to share this!!
Ladies this is what you need to know:
*Everything is shot from the "low or compressed" ready start position. No holsters needed, and no movement. Stand and shoot basically.
*Need appx 125 rounds of ammunition
*Don't have a problem...we have some loaners on hand for the ladies that are participating.
To sign up:
Sign up for a membership to GSSF online at
Select OKC Red Dirt Shoot Out
Select GLOCK GIRLS Division (select a G19 if you plan to borrow a gun from us).
Notify Jamie Meyer once completed and she will get the rest of the information to you. 405.613.6541



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