Lead versus Plated bullets


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Dec 26, 2016
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Is there a good way to stop leading without using gas checks? The place I bullets from doesn’t seem to have them. Thanks again,
Coated, been running coated on hardcast lead in 357 in my 4 inch revolver with zero leading. Used blue bullets . Worked it up slow with LILgun and see zero pressure issues with 14 grains Lilgun. Took it up to 15 but my revolver did not like it , was less accurate . I have not run any in a rifle so cannot give you any info there yet!! 357 lever gun is in my list of must haves!!! :cool:


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Sep 13, 2007
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I understand. I am assuming that based on this information leading shouldn’t be a problem for 38 or 357.

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I’d say it depends. There are many possible causes for leading to occur in a particular firearm. I’d just load some of your bullets up and see what happens. You might not have any issues, but if you do then I’m sure you can ask here or over at the castboolits forum and get some help.


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
I have got leading from an old German revolver.
Soft Hornady swagged dry lubed factory ammo.
Shot stupid accurate even with a leaded barrel.
Forcing cone in the barrel was larger than the barrel diameter.
My gas checked bullets would still lead if I shot them fast enough. Move them slower and you can get 2 times as many shots before needing to clean lead.

Now I got a Ruger Blackhawk 45 Colt the cylinders were all over the place and the barrel was swaged down where it entered the frame.
Nothing kept it from leading except jacketed, plated bullets or powder coated bullets.
I have a S&W 357 with the same pinched down barrel where it is screwed into the frame.
Horrible accuracy from it and the Ruger especially if you send them faster and lots of leading.

I will be honing the S&W soon.
I honed the Ruger and then fire lapped it and accuracy was much better.
Minimal leading after that with "greased" lead bullets.

Lee Alox was not good enough.I ended up making my own lube from Beeswax and wheel grease and a crayon to add color.
That lube I could shoot much faster and reduce leading.

I tried JPW (johnson Paste wax) and Alox as some say it works very well.
It is worse than plain Alox as far as leading goes.

Gas checked does not eliminate leading completely.
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