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Apr 26, 2006
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Join me in stopping the carnage. Yes, every year many thousands of American are killed by these deadly machines. Yes I am talking about autos and trucks. Our administration must do something now about this menace.

To start with we need to ban all the high performance machines with their high capacity 6 and 8 cylinder motors that are capable of going over 100 mph. Nobody need vehicles like this. And ban these rapid shifting military grade automatic transmissions, we got by just fine with a standard when I grew up. Vehicles like this belong on a race track, not our streets. I know there will be some resistance at first but we can start with governors, engine capacity limits and maybe even buy back programs that would only cost a few trillion dollars.

Drop the speed limit back to 55 mph, it worked just fine, no one needs to go faster than that. Since the limit has been increased traffic fatalities have increased 1000% a year.

Raise the drivers age limit. Teenage drivers are the most dangerous. Remember that driving is a privilege not a right guaranteed by the constitution.

We need universal background checks and waiting periods before a person could just buy a car and drive it home. How do we know that person isn't a multiple DUI offender or a psycho? And do away with the private sale loophole. No way a man should be able to just go to an individual's home and pay cash for a killing machine like a Corvette with a 2000 cubic inch motor!

One problem will be getting this legislation passed with the big auto and performance parts lobby opposed to it. Maybe the day will come when we can all ride in our rubber coated 50 mph computer controlled electric autos and not have to worry about getting killed in a wreck.

Let's try to get this common sense legislation passed, if it saves one life it will be worth it. Our organization needs a catchy logo like AmericansForJustifiableBans.


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Jan 19, 2019
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Unintended consequences of rubberized cars. No more auto accidents, no more spare body parts to transplant.

Maybe they can raise their kids just to harvest organs. That would stop the anti abortion crowd dead in their tracks. Pun intended.

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