Local place to buy mechanics tools?


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Jan 19, 2019
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Additionally, the Home Depot Husky line might also be a good value, as I remember years ago seeing a photo of a socket that was stamped both Husky AND Matco's Silver Eagle line, which implies that they are or were made on the same line. I've never used Husky extensively, just picked up a socket or a wrench here and there to fill gaps in sets where I may have lost a socket or wrench.
All of the Husky crap I have purchased within the last few years have been crappy with their protective plating. Most of the stuff I have has flaked off chrome like an old 1950's Buick bumper. Some of the new stuff cut my finger when I was looking at it in the store. I will never buy Husky.

Harbor Frieght I thought had a novel idea when I first looked into getting a few newer sets of sockets. I saw a set or two that were color code anodized and said to myself that was brilliant! Color coded sizes! Then I got to looking at the next set behind the first set. And the third. NONE of the sets had the same colors matched with the same sizes. WTF?

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