Lucky Find at Garage Sale


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Mar 24, 2020
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Logan County
Drove past a local garage sale on Thursday and Friday, but decided to stop on Saturday. As I pull up my daughter calls so i talk to her for about 15 minutes as people are pulling up and checking out the sale. From my view it appeared to be mostly women’s clothing and household items. As my daughter continues to talk and talk, a man pulls up, gets out and walks the sale. He soon heads to a “blind spot” and reaches to grab a rifle. I quickly told my daughter I must go...there’s guns at the sale. Unfortunately, it was the only gun...a very nice SKS for $300.00. :( As the buyer walks off, I ask the seller if he has any more guns for sale...of course the answer was no. However, he said I do have this gun part if your interested and quickly produced this lower. So the day wasn’t completely lost. I wasn’t familiar with Hailey Ordnance Company, but thought it was awesome to be “Made In Oklahoma, USA”.


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