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Oklahoma City Massive lot brand new sealed bags of various sized silica gel packs. CHEAP!


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Dec 4, 2006
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Oklahoma City
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Sw 19th and Santa fe, 73170, Moore, Oklahoma, United States
I have a ton of food grade quality silica gel packs. These are very high quality gel packs with long life gel. These are great for storing ammo, firearm magazines, emergency food supplies, or any other items you want to keep moisture out of. All bags are factory sealed and brand new.

I prefer to sell as 1 big lot and will make an exceptional deal for anyone who buys it all.

I will sell in small lot to large lot sizes. The more you buy I will discount for that. I will not sell individual bags. Will only sell in lots of 3 or more to make it worth while.

Here is the breakdown of bags with how silica gel packs are included in each and how many grams each gel pack is.

8 bags of 200 packs 5 grams each.

These sell on Amazon for $25.99 a bag. I will sell each for $18 per bag or all for $15 per bag.

12 bags of 20 packs 50 grams each.

These sell on Amazon for $23.99 a bag. I will sell for $15 per bag or all for $13 per bag.

16 bags of 25 packs 20 grams each.

These sell on Amazon for $18.99 a bag. I will for $10 per bag or all for $8 per bag.

The per bag price for each bag would total $485 at my price compared to retail price of nearly $800 for all of this.

I will sell it as one large lot for $400 cash. That's half the price of retail. I will work different prices if you want lots of different sizes and amounts.

Please text me at 4052052124 for fastest reply. Face to face in Moore. Thank you!


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