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Aug 24, 2018
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MeadHall Fall Schedule 2022
If you see something that interests you and want a signup link post here, hit the FB page or the website or shoot me a pm. If they weren't solid trainers and classes they probably wouldn't be at Meadhall so all these are highly recommended. If you are wanting to be able to teach the SDA and want a MUCH better class on teaching it look at Warren Wilson's Oct1 class. As usual any questions about a given class let me know.

Active Response Training -Greg Ellifritz 20Aug22 Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine

Active Response Training -Greg Ellifritz 21Aug22 Tactical Groundfighting

DTI – John Farnam 10-11Sep22 Defensive Handgun

DTI – Vicki Farnam 10-11Sep22 Teaching Women to Shoot

Reston Group – Jared Reston 16Sep22 Practical Pistol Marksmanship

Reston Group – Jared Reston 17-18Sep22 Performance Gunfighting Mod1

Defensive Training Services – Warren Wilson 1-2Oct22 SDA Instructor Course

Tactical Anatomy– Dr. James Williams – 8-9Oct22 Tactical Anatomy Instructor Development

Sentinel Concepts – Steve Fisher – 21-22Oct22 Practical Urban Carbine (if you are LE and only qual out to 100 this is one to look at to get better at past that)

Sentinel Concepts – Steve Fisher – 23Oct22 Critical Shotgun

Tim Herron Shooting – Tim Herron 4-6Nov22 Instructor Diagnostics and Development

Two Pillars Training – John Hearne- 18Nov22 Beginner Carbine

Two Pillars Training- John Hearne – 19-20Oct22 – Cognitive Pistol

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