Merry Christmas with the Family.......


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Oct 3, 2007
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Well.......It's that time of year when the wife and I go to the farm in Meeker, Oklahoma and celebrate Christmas..or something close to it.

That time of year when the family gets together and we celebrate the holiday. As the years have gone by and maybe....just maybe I changed.

I moved away from the "farm", obtained a little education, married a lady who I didn't go to high school with or I'm not on my third wife by now. ......I could go on and on.

NO I'm not condescending or I have "moved on" with my life I look at my family with love BUT in my mind I have to step back and wonder if I was adopted. I still have that hillbilly/redneck blood in my veins but as I'm a city slicker by now ............I just have to wonder who these people are???

I do love them, I do hunt and fish with them.....but at Christmas ...I don't know where they come from and half of them I can't remember them ....and wonder how I'm related to them....but I get reminded by my aunt that they're my 3rd cousin from my second uncle's first marriage through my great grandfather's sister's side of the family. I don't know if I should shake their hand or hide behind the Christmas tree.

My wife and I are usually the only ones who don't have a tattoo, body piercing, ..... as for me I don't have a mullet.........but there are several at this get together.

We have dinner and LOT's of conversation!!!!!!!!!!!

My wife ....when she sits on the couch usually pulls out(from under the couch seat) a rubber dog bone or a crushed can of beer. And as always we run short on drinking cups someone usually hands my wife a coffee cup( lipstick on it) with Jack Daniels and it settles her nerves and she gets with the ladies in the kitchen to talk about who's husband got laid off, who's pregnant, or who's child got kicked out of school.........she just loves those philosophical conversations...she doesn't add to the conversation but just listens.....and truly believes The Jerry Springer Show has had several of these people on their tv program.

As for me.....the men go to the living room sit in 4-5 recliners and couches.......pull out the skoal, get a spit cup, pass a bottle of Jack Daniel(sometimes green label) around and watch whatever football game is on TV....and Bull Sh*t. just gotta love them!!! Merry Christmas.

Does art imitate life....or imitate art???
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Dec 4, 2008
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Count your blessings, meager though they be.


Being in the Marine Corps for over 20 years I really wasn't able to attend family "dis"functions. After I retired I started a business that consumed my every waking moment. This year my wife's aunt passed in our home from cancer, son-in-law 2 months later from heroin, and my mom a month after that from a sudden illness. My whole perspective changed this past 6 months.

Attend, contribute, smile and be thankful you have kin.
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