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Dec 9, 2008
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Ponca City Ok
Don't want to derail the thread, but will add that we've spent 6 figures on a longterm policy that that denied every claim to date.

That is a big issue as we are discovering.
The long term care policies that pay for skilled nursing or nursing homes are so restrictive that almost no one qualifies after years of paying exorbitant rates.
Fortunately, my mother in-law got one that paid, but it’s always a contest to keep them from disqualification with constant evaluations from the company.
Sooner care(Medicaid) and ADvantage care are a blessing for those without money to take care of themselves.
They offer advanced in home care that is cheaper than assisted living to the state.
Sister is borderline on paper money wise but health wise is incapable of helping herself in daily living, yet her insurance is kicking her out of skilled nursing Sunday.
Beware of United health care or any program promoted by an aging football player.

Simple Medicare with a supplement would have given her 20 days vs 10 days she got with her plan plus the option if there was no improvement, another 20 days.

Check with two or more insurance agents when you get to the age about what direction you need to go with a secondary policy.

Vets, there are plans out there for home care from the VA. Take advantage of what you earned.


May 29, 2020
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Grainola Ok
I know it’s an impossible idea but I think the elderly-80 and over should have an assisted living program provided to them free of charge. Don’t know how it would ever be something that’s feasible but I feel it’s owed to those that lived that long.

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