Neck sizing and shooting


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok

Yep finally finished this test.
All powder loads were 44.2 gr today..This is safe in my gun work up in yours.
All primers today were CCI 200 and Bullets were 168A max.
Today I shot 44.2gr Varget Velocity FPS @ 20' = 2,616...2,613..2,612..2,603..2,620.

44.2 gr. IMR4064 FPS= 2,702..2,687..Error..2,708..2,709.

44.2 gr. Accurate 2495 FPS= 2,632..2,640..2,649..2,627

I then was getting stiff bolt to pull back and FLS the case again.
These hotter loads play heck on neck sizing only.

Next up was Military Canister 4895 which states to use 4064 data.
I will say this powder is bulky and it was right at the base of the neck lots of compression of the powder
but velocity was not there.
I did have 1 case full that was lower than the rest and I must have messed up when weighing this one as velocity was much less.

44.2 gr 4895 FPS= 2,612..2,601..2,554 (low case level) 2,613.

Now I noticed a case head crack line forming you could not hook it with a bent paper clip inside the case but
I know it was soon to be that way.
Primer is also easy to pop in.

44.2 gr. 8208 XBR FPS= 2,717..2,711..2,691..
Definite crack after that one, a crack on the outside I can see and feel.
The case grew .008" on that firing..Stretching apart for sure.
Yea I press my luck during this kind of testing just to see if the case will live or die when it is apparent it is done for.

One more shot because I have one more pre-measured powder load.
Do not try this at home children.
2,702 FPS from that one and it lived.
The 4 shot group for the last 4 rounds fired was under 1" center to center.

All the other rounds I fired using the same aim point.
I got a couple fliers from Varget and from 2495..Could be me or the fact that this day was hot and humid.
I was brushing the necks after neck sizing but I was feeling some bullets go in too easy.
I just brushed before neck sizing and left it at that.

4 different kinds of powder in the below picture.
18" barrel Savage.


This is the last 4 shots fired with loose primer pocket and case head crack.


Here is a not good picture of the case with crack at the case head.


61 times fired is all I got from this R-P case.
If you have a tighter chamber in the neck area I bet you would have less case stretching/flowing happening.
This is an off the shelf rifle.


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Jan 8, 2009
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You'd still end up with a donut even with the tighter chamber. The brass is going to flow from there to the neck. Neck sizing is good to a point, but as you experienced, a sticky bolt is the tell tale sign to full length resize. Either method will work for a while, but case failure is eminent.

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