Need a orthopedist recommendation.


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Feb 1, 2019
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Funny that I see this thread today. Same thing for me, on the same shoulder. Started yesterday. I can lift my arm if its straight but when I bend it 90 degrees at my elbow and try lifting it won't make it to horizontal. If I let it hang, or rest my arm on my chest while lying down it gets a dull throb that radiates down to my elbow and at times it feels like from my elbow to my pinky my arm goes numb or tingles. Kept waking up last night because of it so I'm calling in and going to see my pcp. I've got some worn out shoulders from 14 years of gymnastics and 14 years of being a field tech and slinging ladders, tool bags, cable spools etc.

Damn it sucks getting older. I want my invincible 20's back please.
This thread is starting to remind me of this scene. Relevant part starts at about 1:48. :pms2:


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