need help identifying bullet mold


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May 20, 2017
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picked up this bullet mold as part of a package deal a while back. no name or caliber identification. mold blocks are aluminum. steel sprue place. cavity looks very good. alignment pin holes are a little loose. I think the pins could be driven out some to go deeper into "virgin" bore in other block. very short slots in back for handles, not the long channels like most molds. width of slot and pins are pretty close to the standard mold.will polish sprue plate. overall quality is not up to modern manufacturers so may be small custom manufacturer. base of bullet measures .431" so 44 caliber. bullet would be about .7" long. any one have any idea on what handles would work? will be casting 40 cal bullets next week and will hold blocks together with clamp if I can not find handles to get idea of weight and actual cast diameter. thanks for any help


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