New Walther 22 magnum


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Mar 19, 2020
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.22 wmr has a case length over 1''. that makes it longer than 9mm and .45acp by a significant margin.

a long case length makes for a long, tall grip. and a long action. stick a 4'' or 5'' inch barrel and you've got a FULL size pistol.

half the capacity of the pmr, twice the weight, basically the same size. seems the biggest thing going for it is the slide cut, there aren't many optic ready .22 wmr pistols on the market that come to mind. the pmr has an aftermarket attachment part, but i have no personal experience with it and i don't shoot pistol optics.

i like walthers and have a nice collection, so i'll probably get one at some point if they come around $400. but the pmr/pcr combo is the way to go imo.

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