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NFA weapon used in self defense.


Sep 6, 2005
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Fortunately in this state, we don't have to worry about civil litigation stemming from a legitimate self defence shooting. I also feel like if I am lucky enough to survive a home invasion or robbery, that I won't sweat having my weapon confiscated for a while. It's not like I don't have more, and it's not like I can't get more.

I would not, solely for political correctness, reach past my carbine to get to my Glock in the event that I needed it.


I see your point and I agree that in a justifiable shooting it should not matter what weapon was used. My problem is who decides it is justifiable. If I grab one of my MG's and in all the excitement/nervousness of the situation I do not realize it is on FA and commence to cut loose with a 30rd burst I can almost guarantee that some anti-gun DA is going to say I used excessive force. Having served on a lot of jury's in my life I have seen the way both prosecutors and defense lawyers twist and turn evidence to suit their needs and play on peoples emotions. My wife worked in the Cleveland County Court Clerks office for many years and can tell you some great stories about some of the tricks lawyers can use. I also have a friend who was a C3 Dealer in TN (I bought several of my NFA items from him) and he is a fine example to me of the fairness in todays court system. He heard a commotion outside of his house and looked out to see 5 girls beating up his daughter. He went outside with a handgun and broke up the fight and held the girls until police arrived. To make a long story short the 5 girls claimed they were doing nothing, he came out and threatened them, called them some racial names and held them against their will. Anyway today he is in prison. Some great legal system we have isn't it? Even though it was not an NFA weapon used in this incident it was brought up at trial that he dealt in machineguns and I am sure that added to the picture the prosecutor was trying to paint of him being some "gun crazy" guy just looking to kill someone. Stuff like this causes me to have no faith in the legal system protecting me in a justifible shooting. The way I see it I gain no advantge going to an NFA weapon vs. a standard rifle/pistol, but I can see the use of an NFA weapon going against me by some anti-gun DA. If you can afford it and trust the legal system and know for 100% certainty that if you ever have to use it that it will be justifible, go for it. To me it is not worth the risk or the negative publicity it gives to NFA owners and it offers me no advantage. Again, just my opinion and I respect yours as well.
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