Observations during brass prepping.


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Nov 3, 2010
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So I have been shooting a bit more and now time to make some more hunting ammo.

During brass prep as we all know you should pay attention to the little things.
I was neck turning twenty 1 time fired 6.5 Creedmoor that I had purchased and all from the same box.
It was factory loaded ammo.
I annealed it, full length sized, trimmed it and chamfered it and then neck turning .001" +- off it to make them all .012" neck thickness.
One of the cases did not touch the cutter and was already .012" the others were all .013" or more.

That smaller neck thickness case after resizing also had a larger ID by .001"

That is the flier in your group that you can't explain.

My cordless drill battery died and time to charge it so onto some .308 cases.

All cleaned , annealed , brushed and then resizing them.
During resizing of these 18 winchester cases I had a 4 that were much harder to resize, I set those aside.
I actually ran one of those hard to resize cases back through the resize die and made sure it had lube and it was just as hard to resize for round 2.
This tells me the alloy could be way different and case most likely thicker.

This will also be a flier in a group.

I removed the lube and looked into the inside of the case as most of the winchester .308 cases have a ring around the primer hole
like an areola well those hard to size winchester cases did not have that they were just flat.

Maybe farmed out or way different run.

I weighed a couple of the easy to size cases and got 154 ish gr and the hard to size ones are 161+ gr.
I do not weigh my cases normally as I try to keep them in order but when you notice odd things and find 7gr difference
you might keep those apart from each other.

I do normally sort the .308 Winchester cases by what the inside base looks like as I have found they do shoot different.
But this time I had a mixed bag.
I do not care much for the "flat base" Winchester .308 cases.
I save those for plinkers or SHTF loads.

Have fun and keep safe.

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