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Jan 14, 2021
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I'm still confused about how to make a business out of trading tackle. Is there that much of a demand?

He buys thousands wholesale a year from all over the country from tackle companies for resale in his shop. also rods reels and about everything fishing. He also travels and bids on other shops inventory when they go out of business, There are hundreds of internet sites apparently doing all manner of things.

Apparently from Tx to Fla bass fishing is BIG business. They have shows just like our gun shows. He has professional bass fishermen who get him to locate stuff. He even had the guy from that picker show come and try to buy out his shop. He acted like he didn't recognize him and said to give him a hour or two and he would give him a price. Shot him a price for the whole enchilada and then told him I know who you are and I have done this for 30yrs and am not stupid. The guy left.

I know nothing about it myself other than the junk we traded as kids. He sends me pictures of rare lures he says are worth 7-8 thousand. Just look like a plug to me. Ill post a pic he sent from a guy who he is having a dozen custom painted for me to show how off the deep end this has become to me.

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Dec 8, 2015
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Lincoln county
I might get a 290 stock and dress it up a bit. I am most likely going to spend more than its worth but sometimes that is ok. Found a feed tube for it and that's $38 alone.

I have a stack of heart walnut lumber that has dried for two years but its 1 inch and I would have to Laminate a couple together. Plus I have built one full length stock out of a 3 pronged cherry stump once and its not a job for the timid.

Most likely something about like that first one you posted off a 290 would be fine.
Great story and if I may say......your not spending "more than it's worth".
Enjoy fixing it up and more importantly enjoy your memories.
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