Optics for my Thompson Center front stuffer


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Apr 16, 2021
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Yesterday morning I realized I need a new scope for my Thompson Center black powder .50 caliber. My current one is just a bad one and hard to see in low light conditions. I have to have a scope due to my horrendous eyes and iron sights is definitely not an option. I am currently use a 3x9 and my replacement that I have is a 1.5x4 that I pulled off a slug barrel shotgun.

My question for all you is; for shots out to 75 yards do you think this power of a scope will work? I tend to like a lot of magnification but only have one extra scope with limited funds to buy a new one. My original needs for this scope on the shotgun was for hog hunting with shots under 30 yards.

If I just need to bite the bullet for a new scope I will, but just prefer not to do that.

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