Orin Hatch has passed


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Aug 10, 2015
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Many of you may not know much about the honorable Senator from Utah, but I do. I had a chance to meet with him as part of a small delegation several years ago.
What a great guy. The reason I was there or if we were successful is not important. The fact that he took the time to stay and have a conversation with some unknown guy from Oklahoma (Not even from his state) speaks volumes.
He was a great gentleman and a great American. He was known for his ability to work both sides of the aisle as well as both houses. You don't find that anymore.
He did what was best for his country. He said something to me that I still remember. He said that he votes for what's best for the country regardless if it's popular or not.
That's pretty cool. He's the last of those great GOP lawmakers. I don't even know of anyone coming up that can match him and others we've lost in the last few years. WHO'S GONNA FILL THOSE SHOES? Makes me shudder a bit when that comes to mind.
Say a prayer for him tonight. Add one for our Country as well.
The Speaker recognizes the Honorable Senator from Utah for the final time and the floor will remain in recess
God Bless you with the prayers of a greatful nation

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