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Jun 4, 2009
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Here, but occasionally There.
May the feet of the team heading to Florida take flight and win big at the Championships.

May they also all have fun. (Oh, and travel safely if you are driving. Some of those folks back east are nuts.)

Now for pictures. In 2008, the wife and I took our 26-foot fifth wheel to Colorado for our vacation. We spent a few days at Eleven Mile State Park west of Colorado Springs off of Highway 24. When we drove through Colorado Springs, the wife called a friend there that we were going to meet up with later, and she told us that there had been a tornado at Eleven Mile State Park the night before. When we checked in, the staff at the park kind of hesitated a bit and then told us that there had been the tornado across the lake. (I think they might have thought that we would want to go somewhere else.) I told them that we were from Oklahoma and we "danced with tornadoes." At any rate, the following picture of a sunset made the stay well worthwhile.

And, speaking of Florida, the wife and I have barely even touched Florida soil or roads. While we were working Alabama this year, one of our road surveys took us to the state line on I-10. Since one can't just turn around anywhere on an interstate, we drove on to the welcome center (and used their bathrooms) and then went on to the next interstate interchange and headed back to Alabama. I have a sum total of 13 photos taken at that welcome center. I was disappointed that there were no alligators in the waters around it.

On to Idaho now...oh, so much there to see and we haven't even scratched the surface. Most all of my photos of Idaho were taken in the southern part of the state. We have family in Mountain Home, ID, which is about 40 miles east of Boise on I-84. South of Mountain Home is Bruneau Dunes State Park. While the park didn't really strike us as a great park, it had its interesting parts. Folks can "ski" the slopes of their dunes with "sand boards," and they have an observatory on the premises. (I'd like to spend some time in there, especially if I could use a camera through the telescope.)

Here are also good wishes for everyone today.


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Mar 1, 2021
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Long day today. Woke up with 27* temps and 2” snow on the RV in Gallup New Mexico.
Town of 21,000 has a sports bar and pub ranked in the top 100 in the US.
Visited with the owner last night finding he was a sports broadcaster all over the country
Biggest collection of sports memorabilia I’ve ever seen. Every sport covered with signed artifacts from Mohammed Ali to rock stars.
Right on I-40 that gets shut down to weather in the winter a lot so he has acquired some that way as well. Side room after side room of the same.
Was scheduled to stay in Flagstaff Az for a couple days before our final destination of Gold Canyon Az In the Phenix area but the park owner in flagstaff called saying temps would be single digit with 8-12” snow predicted so we canceled and made the 7 hour drive across snow covered mountains to Gold Canyon. View attachment 243085
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I travel thru your pictures.....keep them coming...!!!
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