OSA swap meet HEADCOUNT - OKC Area


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Jun 17, 2016
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There has been discussions regarding having a swap meet without anyone being able to organize or produce a venue. I know a business owner in Mustang that hosts his car clubs car shows in his parking lot. I will ask him if we can do a swap meet there IF enough people reply here stating that they would VERY LIKELY register and pay an entrance fee of $20 to be a vendor/seller. All parties selling 1 item or more would be required to pay the $20 fee. Not going to ask to use his parking lot for free. There is enough room to set up canopies and tables for probably 50 or more vendors. Event would take place on Sunday in late September depending on weather and temperatures. 10ish to 1500ish. If you would be interested in joining the meet as a VENDOR, please reply with a yes or other short reply. Only looking for a headcount here to gauge interest. If you have comments or gripes, use the other swap meet forum please.

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