OSA turning into Armslist?


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Dec 11, 2009
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Edmond, OK
I am a longtime member and had first bad experience....I should have expected it as the member does nothing but use OSA classifieds here.

I let me guard down when he told me he was a Police Sgt for the Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse - but I am reminded that a profession means nothing about a person.

THEMILLZ posted a couple items in classifieds. I had a pistol he listed for trade so we went to text and discussed but he ultimately offered a price for me to just buy both items. I said I'd buy them both (no trade) for $100 less than what he offered. He accepted and we made the deal. Exact location was set and rough time was decided upon with a plan to text at 11a to confirm timing. This would have been 12 hours after we made the deal.

I show my Son one of the items and told him that it would be for him and I got the cash set aside and had it with me. I get a text less than 30 minutes before we were to confirm the exact time letting me know that someone else messaged him and offered more. Obviously, he kept "dealing" with people after a deal was made and got more money from someone else. I never would have given a second thought to a seller on OSA in the past but now I guess I treat it like Armslist.

Not a huge deal in my life but annoying as I had planned around the meeting and (worse) showed my Son what he would be getting.

Anyway....just a friendly reminder that the old days of OSA classifieds seem to be long gone (I've seen others dealing with the same type of sellers) and people seem to have no problem trading their integrity for money.


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Aug 13, 2012
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I don't know about GB because at the time I tried to sign up they wouldn't let me into their little club without my DL number and other personal info that I wasn't willing to give them but...

The classifieds have definitely changed here since Armslist made changes and as always it is usually much safer to deal with well established members here with good ratings.

Buyer Beware and leave feedback, good or bad.
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