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May 27, 2017
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So okshooter friends,
I picked up a spectre comp a while back when they first came out. I was one of those wide eyed fools who got sucked in by the pretty colors on the barrel. Well I hadn't had a chance to honestly shoot the gun, since I had no time, just adopted a new dog and the wild child all pounded time to dust. Well today was the day gentlemen. I was very scared to shoot it since I had shot p365's and xl's and honestly thought of them as meh guns (can shoot it good enough). I had been dreading the thought that my genius ass paid $1200+ for a meh gun.

Well I'm happy to report I was wrong. The gun is amazing. I didn't think an integrated comp would make a difference but it does. The gun stayed on target quite well and it was shooting ragged holes at 15 yards ( my normal p365 targets would look like Swiss cheese normally). Now I was also breaking in another firearm at the same time, a p320 x compact. I was honestly shocked to find out that I actually enjoyed shooting the spectre comp more. It threw me for a loop since my natural thoughts were, bigger gun.... Easier to handle. To my surprise the compact had more recoil sensation than the spectre comp. Either way gents, the spectre comp gets a thumbs up from me.......

Now onto the bad. If I had one complaint, and only one complaint. It would be that the spectre comp is a ***** to clean. The comp does it job just fine but the kick back is the gun basically molds some gunk on your pretty barrel. I had to dose that sob in cleaner and then use a pick to get the gunk off. I mean I have had gunked up and dirty guns before but good lord that was a major pain in the ass. I initially thought the barrel was just getting worn but no it was just molded on that solid.

Either way I'd highly recommend one if you guys get a chance to shoot one or pick one up for yourselves. It's now taking over my carry gun role and will be there 365 days a week.

Pics for your viewing pleasure, also my spectre comps been modified slightly. I have a Wilson p365 grip module.


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Nov 11, 2006
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I bought the original p365 in 2018 as my first carry gun. Once I read the reviews of the spectre comp I knew I had to get one in the future. Might be way in the future but one day it will happen. 😎

Thanks for the review!

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