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Precision Rifle Series Match near Tulsa

Discussion in 'Competitions & Upcoming Events' started by Shanerbanner10, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Shanerbanner10

    Shanerbanner10 Marksman

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    Oct 17, 2013
    open range.jpg 54524790_299728134028483_7962360623612821504_n.jpg
    Hey everyone,
    My name is Shane. I am the owner of Paradigm Gunworx in Tulsa, OK. We are a new company that builds nothing but precision rifles! I just wanted to post some details about a Precision Rifle Series national match that we are hosting. Open Range Shooters Retreat Regional Qualifier will be held on Sept 14/15. Registration will open May 17th at noon. It will be on our website (www.paradigmgunworx.com). The link can be found on the PRS website soon. The registration link will not show up until noon at the 17th of May. This match will be 200 rounds and 20 stages. We are hoping to shoot 12 stages on Day 1 and 8 on Day 2. There are 2 shooting locations less than a mile apart. This match will be held on a very large privately owned cattle ranch. It is an active ranch and not a full time range facility. We are also going to try a new prize table structure - 20 Stages = 20 Stage prizes. One winner per stage, no one can win more than one stage, cash payout to the top shooters. Fastest time and best score will determine stage win. If a person has already won a stage we'll go to the next fastest/best score. Stage prize will have a value of 500+$. We will also have a smaller prize table with some certs, bags, brakes, soft goods, etc. RO's will have random drawings for prizes allocated just for them, you'll be able to shoot all day Friday, We'll do a cookout Friday night for all RO's, We'll also try to hook all the RO's up with Lodging and more! I hope to see most of you there!

    If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please feel free to ask. Also, if you own a company and might be interested in sponsoring this event, please hit us up!

    2019 Open Range Shooter’s Retreat

    : September 14/15

    Where: Ramona, OK (30 min North of Tulsa, OK)

    Hosted by Paradigm Gunworx and Todd Ranch (Walker Robles)

    What Kind of Match: PRS Individual Shooter

    How Much: $250 Per Shooter

    Round Count: 200 rifle

    Match Particulars

    This match is being hosted on private property and everyone is EXPECTED to police after him or herself, respect the property, and act responsibly. This is an active cattle ranch not a rifle range. We only get 3 days to set up the match and spent about 100 hours working to setup this match in that time. Again, respect the property and the owners. Any disrespectful actions taken on this property are grounds immediate for removal from the match.

    This match will provide a wide variety of stages with a varying degree of difficulty. All shooters will be required to pack the gear they intend to use for the day. After the safety briefing and opening stage, shooters will not be allowed to return for additional equipment. Expect targets from approximately 250 yards to 1600 yards.

    Match Location / Date.

    The match is scheduled for September 14th and 15th of 2019 with check in from Noon – 5 PM. Ramona, OK will be the hosting city. Directions will be sent to each competitors email address once registrations have been received. Tulsa, OK is 30 minutes south and Bartlesville is about 20 minutes north of Ramona. Both have plenty of options for food and hotels.

    Match Fee’s.

    The Match fees will be $250.00 USD per shooter.

    Match registration & Sign In.

    To register please go to the Paradigm Gunworx website and find the match in our store – (See PRS Website for Link). Sign in will be conducted prior to the match on Friday evening from noon – 5 pm at the match location. Failure to sign in will result in a forfeiture of your entry fee.

    Match safety brief.

    Safety brief will begin promptly at 0730 the day of the match. Check In and safety brief attendance is required to participate in the match.


    Campsites available in limited quantities with RO’s having first choice. Campsites are dry i.e. no hook ups for septic, water or power.

    Hotels / Motels.- The match will be held near Tulsa and Bartlesville, OK. There are plenty of hotels in these areas.

    Caliber & Other Restrictions.

    This match will be limited to Short Action Calibers and all PRS Governing Rules

    Time Limits.

    Each stage will have a 2-minute time limit. Once the RO has given the command to begin, your time has started for that stage. Each stage will have their own set of rules and regulations in addition to times. Pay close attention to the RO’s stage brief for specific details.

    In the event that the RO has any distractions or reason to call a cease-fire, time will be paused to ensure that the team at that station is allotted the proper time for firing.

    Squad Movement.

    All shooters will be organized into squads prior to the match beginning. Movement will be done in a clockwise rotation of stages. Move in order of stages, do not skip a stage or go ahead of your squad! Scoring.

    Scoring will be kept with current PRS rules. Stage prizes will be given based on best score and time at each stage. There will be a singular stage that will determine any ties. This stage will be noted in your match book.
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  2. dennishoddy

    dennishoddy Sharpshooter

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Ponca City Ok
    Sounds like a great match. Thanks for posting!
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