Prepping is a Waste of Time and Money: Prove Me Wrong


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Mar 24, 2020
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Lawton, Oklahoma
I like receiving hummers, but never had one with peppers. Don't sound enjoyable.
You are a baaaaaad boy.

I came here from Southern California a couple years ago. Actually I’m more of a political refugee. 😉 Grampa was from Allen, OK and Grandma on my other side was raised in Childress, Tx. I say this only to to assure you I’ve been completely deloused and came pre-programmed with an Okie way of thinking. I thank the Lord every day that wife and I have found a home with folks that share our values.
Anyhoo, after Hurricane Katrina it really grabbed my attention how unprepared everyone was for a natural disaster. Living in earthquake country I knew we certainly could be hit with a whomper and I started wanting to be able to handle at least two weeks after everything in the pantry was gone. That turned into storing 2 weeks for all my family that lived close as well. Now that we’ve moved to SW Oklahoma (Lawtonka) it’s just my wife and I and one of our kids and her husband. What was for 18 people is now just for 4 so I’d say we’re good for a long while. I’m not at all concerned about some huge economic collapse or apocalypse, I think the Lord will bring His Church home before that’s going to happen but I do think there’s a strong enough likelihood some natural disaster could certainly occur that I want to take some steps to make life livable should that happen. First year we were here (03/01/2020 moved here) we were hit with a hailstorm of baseball sized hail, ice storm in October when all the leaves were still on the trees and debris was everywhere and then a deep freeze that froze our sewer pipe. Yuck! Added a whole house 22KW Generac generator and ATS that has already come in handy several times. It brings me comfort knowing I can take care of my family but I haven’t gone nuts by any stretch.


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Jun 3, 2022
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What are we talkin' here?
I put hot sauce on EVERYthing I eat-
That's how I lost my last 3 girlfriends.
Buncha screamin' pu**ies, if you ask me.
Got to get back to hoarding freeze-dried Lobster Tails & powdered Caviar.
...& hot sauce.
Lotsa Hot Sauce.
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