Pryor’ Mid America Industrial Park hits another home run. 2000 new jobs


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Jan 10, 2014
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An electric car manufacturer from LA California ids building a new 500 acre car manufacturing facility that will employ 2000. First new cars will roll out late 2022 or early 2023. It’s a partnership with a Norwegian company praised the location in the MidAmerican Industrial Park as perfect for their needs. The park has over 9000 acres and already houses 3 Google sites that total over 3 Billion dollars investment at the park. There are 40 industrial sites including DuPont and others there already. Prior to this new announcement the park had over 4400 employees there.

Pryor Schools has reaped the benefits of this tax base as they have accepted NO state funding for the last 4 yrs. They have instructional facilities second to none and pay for teachers and other staff is among the highest in the state. Mid America is the reason.
Pryor is my home town and the industrial park was only a mile from where our little farm was growing up. We slipped onto the site numerous times to fish those very old ponds until caught by security and banned permanently.

Anyway Oklahoma if you have not visited this park and see all that is going on there you should do so. Great things are happening in the Pryor area out there
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