Putting warheads on foreheads — This is the gear Air Force combat controllers carry into battle

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Jan 24, 2020
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^^ Thanks. Just a little more bragging... He was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor for heroism during the battle of Fallujah in 2004. He moved into an open position to draw enemy sniper fire away from a disabled Bradley carrying wounded soldiers. Once the sniper(s) fired at him he returned fire from about 200 meters and killed them both allowing other soldiers to get to the Bradley to evacuate the wounded.

Yeah...I'm pretty proud of him.

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I have faith in American Youth, and Americans in general! All we need is a common adversary! Right now we are so spoiled we bicker at each other, but that would change in short order if we were seriously threatened by a foreign power! I'm older than dirt, and know just about everything, and ALL Amercans young, old, white, black, green, and yellow, Democrat, and Republican, rich, poor, etc. will rise to the occasion! I predict this will happen very soon, when Communist China attacks Taiwan! I think Biden is a Communist Chinese Puppet, installed for this very reason! President trump is the LAST Man Communist China would want in office when planning this! I also suspect they control ALL of our news, and social media, in this country, likely by buying a controling interest in the media corporations! if the media tells us to submit meekly, we will know for sure, Won't we?
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