Question, Is there any interest in a non-firearm item swap database? - Please vote and discuss

Is there any interest in a special thread for trading non-firearms items?

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Jan 19, 2019
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I am posting this to see if there is any interest in a special thread for trading/swapping non firearms items.

I sometimes have a need to get rid of things because I have inherited two different relatives' shops with equipment and tools. I don't want to scrap the items I have and I don't want to throw them away. It just goes against my grain to submit perfectly good items to the dump.

I propose a trade only section of this site. Not for firearms but everything else. Kind of an old AM radio "I have this, will swap for that" show.

You could have a list of items wanted and a list of items up for trade in a special section that anyone can read.

Suggestion 1
The listing thread's items would have a clickable link to go to that thread to contact the person listing the item.

Suggestion 2
The posting thread could just have a database to post items for trade, wanted, pictures, brief descriptions, and contact information without having to post an individual thread. The listing individual could just fill out a form. That would be a lot cleaner and you wouldn't have a thousand threads to look at.

The Everything Else thread includes items for sale. I'm talking trade, swap or barter. If money changes hands that's between the two parties.

Is there any interest in this?

Is there any discussion or better suggestions on how to do it?
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Aug 13, 2012
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I thought that was what everything else in the classifieds was for
Yeah, there’s also a “want to buy” section.
In my opinion, with something like this in “thread“ form, it would be very difficult to find a particular item unless you see it when it’s first posted. It’s not as “efficient“ as what the classifieds already offer.
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