Question on Interdynamics KG-9


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Mar 16, 2006
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Del City, Oklahoma
Picked up an Interdynamics KG-9 open bolt semi auto, very early production - 3 serial number, from my friends estate. Question.....I know that in semi auto they are getting rare, last auction price I found they had one go for $3100 with factory box and several magazines. The one I have is semi auto with an original magazine (20 round) in a suitcase type box. Is there a market for these? To be's not a Tec-9 or a KG-99 but a true original KG-9. Really don't have a need for it and if I decide to sell I want to make sure I get a fair market value price.
I know this is not a Class 3 weapon but a majority of them were converted to full auto, both legally and illegally (by drug cartels which is why the ATF stopped production), and I am hoping you Class III guys might educate me on it.
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