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Range Report - Taurus PLY 22,,,

Discussion in 'Rimfire Weapons' started by aarondhgraham, May 8, 2011.

  1. aarondhgraham

    aarondhgraham Sharpshooter

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    Jul 30, 2010
    Taurus PLY in .22 LR is DAO,,,
    The Polymer framed version of their PT-22,,,
    This gun is much lighter and a bit shorter than the PT-22.

    It also comes in a .25 ACP version.

    I picked this little girl up Wednesday at Noon,,,
    Thursday evening I ran some rounds through her just for grins,,,
    But this morning I finally got time to go to the range for a serious break-in shooting.


    First thing I did was to strip it down and give it a real good cleaning,,,
    There was the usual inordinate amount of factory goop in her,,,
    Then I oiled it up real good and reassembled her.

    Takedown was very easy,,,
    Flip the switch to tilt the barrel up,,,
    Lift up and forward on the slide and remove it.

    That took about 15 seconds.

    I had 50 rounds of CCI Mini-mag hollow points,,,
    And 100 rounds of Mini-mag round nose,,,
    A bulk pack of Remmie hollow point,,,
    A bulk pack of Federal hollow point,,,
    50 rounds of Centurion LRN.

    I fired all 150 rounds of the CCI Mini-mag with no failures of any kind.

    I fired 50 rounds of the Remington Golden Bullet HP and had lots of trouble,,,
    The ammunition always fed properly but I had a significant amount of fail to fires,,,
    The DAO action was a plus for those rounds as another trigger pull solved most of the FTF problems.

    I underlined the word most because out of 6 F-T-Fire rounds,,,
    Two rounds would not fire at all,,,
    Remington .22 Ammo is crap!

    With the 50 rounds of Federal Bulk Pack all 50 rounds fed perfectly,,,
    I had one fail to fire but a second DAO trigger pull solved that.

    With the 50 rounds of Centurion LRN ammo,,,
    There were no problems at all.

    I really like the tip-up barrel feature on this little gun,,,
    It made clearing the Fail-to-Fire rounds a snap,,,
    Flip open the barrel and the old bullet flies,,,
    Pop in a new round, close it, and fire.

    The ergonomics of the pistol are very nice,,,
    The frame mounted safety is right under my thumb joint,,,
    The mag release and the barrel release switch were very handy,,,
    I hardly had to shift my grip at all to release the barrel or the magazine.

    It does have a Magazine Disconnect,,,
    Nothing works if the magazine is not inserted,,,
    But with the tip-up barrel, if the mag can be inserted, it's still a viable single-shot.

    The trigger is DAO,,,
    Some may consider the pull very long,,,
    It also has a long-ish reset after the pistols fires,,,
    The nice thing is I can feel exactly when it will break and fire.

    At 25 yards rapid fire it was all I could do to keep 9 rounds in a man-sized silhouette,,,
    In fact some rounds didn't hit the silhouette at all but all were on paper,,,
    Slow fire I was able to do much better with chest hits,,,
    But it's still a bad-breath-range gun.

    The gun is really very small,,,
    Unloaded weight is 10.8 ounces,,,
    It barrel length is 2.33 inches long,,,
    It's capacity is 8 rounds in the magazine and one chambered.

    All in all I am very pleased with the performance of the gun,,,
    Granted it's only a .22 LR gun but 9 CCI Mini-mags should ruin a BG's day.

    At a price point from Buds Gun Shop of only $201.00,,,
    Total price after shipping insurance, credit card fees fees,,,
    And a $20.00 transfer fee was a measly $203.03 for a mouse gun that works.

    I give this gun the Aarond H. Graham - Thumbs-up Stamp of Approval!

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