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Aug 24, 2018
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Second of Dr. Aprill's courses that I thought I had posted and did not. Dr. Aprill isn't just a well respected authority on criminal mindset and pre-assault indicators but an excellent firearms instructor in his own right. This one is coming up quick so jump on it fast. :)

REACTIVE PISTOL CONCEPTS Shooting and Fighting with a Handgun in Real Time

Course Description Reactive Pistol Concepts is a 8 hour course designed to introduce defensive shooting practitioners to a method of shooting that will allow for effective, fight-stopping hits at speeds that were previously not thought possible.

In a collaborative and supportive environment, attendees will undertake a variety of structured exercises designed to increase speed and accuracy, demonstrate individual effectiveness, and identify limitations and issues for further improvement. All shooting will take place at ranges simulating the parameters of actual violent encounters, and attendees are not required to be “expert” shooters prior to the course.

Attendee Feedback

“I learned more in one day than in years of shooting. I really recommend this class!” -2016 Student

“By the end of the course, I was shooting faster and with better hits than I would have believed I could do if you had asked me the day before.” -2017 Student

“This was some straight-up ‘Matrix’ sh@#!” -2017 Student (edited for enthusiasm)

Course Overview

0830-0900 Introductions Housekeeping
Safety/Medical Brief�
0900-1030 Livefire Block 1


1045-1215 Livefire Block 2

1215-1300 Livefire Testing

1300-1330 LUNCH

1330-1500 Livefire Block 3


1545-1700 Livefire Block 4

1700-1715 Debrief Certificates

Course Topics

Universal Safe Gun Handling Rules
Reactive Shooting vs. Precision Shooting, and why the distinction matters
Target-based training methods
Effective recoil control
Accurate speed shooting
Shooting in tempo
Dominant- & support-hand-only shooting, and the rationale for it
Firing from non-traditional positions
Firing while moving
Threat Discrimination
Tactics for dealing with multiple threats and “no-shoots” in the environment
Stress Inoculation

There will be a testing period involving a relatively brief but demanding course of fire focused on meeting qualification standards through resolving scenarios based on actual incidents, all conducted with concealed-carry handguns and related support gear. A record of student performance will be provided to add to permanent history of competence.

Gear List Requirements
1 Willingness to learn and courage to try
2 Safe gun handling and commitment to work at one’s own safe speed
3 Pistol that works (2 is better)
3 Quality holster and sturdy belt
4 At least 4 pistol magazines (more is better)
6 Magazine carrier (we recommend single mag carriers)
7 Seasonally-appropriate clothing, including a brimmed hat
8 Shooting-rated eye protection
9 Ear protection, electronic preferred
10 Closed toe sneakers or boots
11 Sun block
12 Pen & Notepad
13 Hydration bladder or gallon of water
14 750 rounds of reliable ammunition (though you may not use it all)
15 UPLULA magazine loading tool (your thumbs will thank you!)
16 A dark colored tee shirt that will be destroyed by gunfire

Each attendee will leave the course with both electronic and physical copies of the targets used for the course as well as instructions for future use in individual skill-building.

The only course pre-requisite and non-negotiable demand of students is the commitment to HANDLE ALL GUNS SAFELY AT ALL TIMES.

INSTRUCTOR BIO William Aprill is a career mental health professional with over 20 years’ experience across the continuum of clinical care. He presently maintains a private practice and consultancy specializing in post-traumatic interventions and other disciplines. William is a former deputy sheriff (Orleans Parish, LA, Criminal Sheriff’s Office) and Special Deputy US Marshal (Eastern District of Louisiana). He is a decorated competitive shooter and has taught civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel in various fighting skills since 1990. He maintains an active schedule both as student and teacher, having been instructorrated by several top-tier trainers and studying under many of the most influential members of the combative arts community. Through his company Aprill Risk Consulting, William has presented his material on violent criminals and their decision-making, defensive incident aftermath, mindset development and defensive preparedness nationally, including at the Illinois Homicide Investigators Association, the Annual Conference of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), the Annual Conference of the Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI), Rangemaster Tactical Conference, The Field & Tactical Medicine Conference, A Girl & A Gun Annual Conference, Tactical Response Alumni Weekend, and the Louisiana Homicide Investigators Association. He is a co-founder and the Training Director of Paul-E-Palooza, the memorial conference and fundraiser for the family of the late trainer Paul Gomez. He has conducted collaborative presentations across the country with Craig Douglas/Shivworks, Modern Defensive Training Systems, Immediate Action Combatives, Point-Driven Training, Sharp Defense, Lethal Force Institute, Rangemaster, Active Response Training, Tactical Response, Safety Solutions Academy, Defense Training International, Armed Dynamics, and others. William has recently contributed to several significant projects in the self-protection industry. He is one of the cadre of expert contributors featured in the highly-acclaimed Outdoor Network series Best Defense, including the episodes “Mass Casualty Event”, “Airport Attack”, and “Cyber Stalking”. He authored a chapter on violent criminals included in Massad Ayoob’s latest anthology Straight Talk On Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know, was one subject of the recently released book Anatomy Of A Warrior, and is the subject of two Personal Defense Network DVDs of his original training material on defensive decision-making and mindset development, “Violent Criminal Actors” and “The 5W’s of Personal Defense”

In the News & Appearances William Aprill has been referenced in publications including RECOIL magazine, The Tactical Wire and The Journal of the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network, and has been a regular guest in firearms/training industry media, including popular appearances on:

o Ballistic Radio
o Practically Tactical
o Downrange Radio, with Michael Bane,
o Civilian Carry Radio o Real Gun Radio
o American Warrior, with Michael Seeklander
o The Safety Solutions Academy Podcast
o Armed Dynamics podcast
o Armed Squirrels Project
o GunBlogVarietyCast
o “DrZ” YouTube channel, with Dr. Dave Zehrung
o “Crash & Burn”, with Allstar Tactical
o ReWild Yourself podcast
o Personal Defense Talk

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