Restocking Grandad's thudy-thudy


Mar 1, 2006
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Enid, OK.
Ok Got-er-done (Warning pic heavy)

Not Holland and Holland perfect for sure but overall not bad for a non gunsmith.
The only thing I did not rust blue was the barrel. It wasn;t in terrible shape and this thing has a mirror for a bore and I did not want to chance pitting it. Fit and finish came close. Can't stick a cigarette paper in anywhere but one bobble on the butt inlet. I sill have a few coats of oil to rub out on the stock but the weather has been humid and it wants to haze so I am going to let it dry a week between the last few coats.

I had a buck horn sight installed as I dearly love those because they have a built in rangefinder if you know how to use them. Turkey fills up the sight-50yds, half the sight 100, well you get it, it takes some practice. I put a flatter angled ear sight on it. A jump type sight if you will as when you mount it and your slightly off it is faster to get it to center. THis is my brush gun so I thought it would be more fitting. Im going in those pine thickekts next year toward the end of season and those old smart alecks better be ready.

Learned a bunch, took longer than I expected and did not increase the value of this old bird one iota. I don't care I will never sell it, I got tired of looking at a JB weld patch and having to coat it with cold blue after every season only to have it rub off. I don't think that you can rub this stuff off if you tried. But mostly I just did it for my Grandad. I wish that old Woodsman was still here and I could present it to him. I learned a lot from that old man and I miss him.

Excellent job! If only he could see it now! Oh, wait! ... He CAN!

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