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Oklahoma City Safe clean out: Lots of gun parts. Dirt Cheap!


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Dec 4, 2006
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Oklahoma City
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Sw 19th and Santa fe, 73160, Moore, Oklahoma, United States

I am cleaning out the safe of items I no longer own guns for or can't use anymore.

I will make better deals for multiple items and a killer deal if you buy it all.

2 - Advantage Arms 22lr Glock 17 conversion mags. I believe these will work for the G22 and G34 and others as well.
$25 cash for both! SOLD..........

Springfield XD16 round full size 9mm magazine. $25

CZ P09 or P07 factory 19 round 9mm magazine. $25

(unknown brand) kydex double magazine carrier for double stack mags. $25

Canik TP9 holster with Blackhawk paddle belt attachment and thumb release. $20

CZ Scorpion Evo factory grip. $25

Glock compact, sub compact and full size 9mm/40/.357 factory OEM sights. Won't fit 45 acp or 10 models. $25

Sig P226 E2 slim factory grips and Sig P226 Houge rubber grips. $35 for both.

Brand new never worn, Caldwell belly band XL. Has 2 built in holsters and spots for mags. $20

If you buy 2 or more items, I will knock $5 off per item. If you buy them all, I will sell THE WHOLE LOT OF ITEMS FOR $90. THAT'S OVER half for free!!!!?

Please text me at 4052052124. Thank you.


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