Shade tree Mid 90's Nissan truck fix


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
I wish I had a camera or video to share this fix I performed.

Buddy was given a mid 90's nissan truck that was his dads and then his nephew's.
Well it would not start all the time and No power as in you can't get it out of the driveway.

They were all trying to fix the issues for a few months.
They had decided it was valves or timing chain as it now could not be throttled if it would even start at all.

I pulled the Mass air meter off the intake flex hose going to the throttle body.
This is multi Port injeceted.
I poured some fuel into the hose and held my hand over it like a choke and it fired up and ran the best it has in months
until it sucked all the gas from the ribbed hose.

Now the shad tree in me came out literally.

I took his chain saw and cut a branch about 6" diameter and 8" long off a tree he has been wanting to remove.
This tree is live and green.
I skimmed the top flat and drilled a hole with a 1.25" paddle bit through the middle of this wood.
Not all the way through just 1/2 way.

Then on the top flat area I drilled another 1.25" hole intersecting the other hole.
I then ran a torch into the hole and burned all the sticking out wood fibers.

I cut some cork gaskets to make a carburetor base gasket to mount a Rochester monojet carb on top of the wood.
Yea I gave him this carb years ago.
Fastened the carb to the wood with sheet rock screws.

Whittled the end where i drilled the first hole into the log so it would fit into the intake flex hose of that FI vehicle.

Now No fuel line at his place and good luck finding anything really to work with. took 20 minutes to come up with 2 screws.

He had some bad air hose and I cut 7 foot length of it and attached it to the carb inlet.
Poured it full of fuel and held it up high to fill the carb.

Blocked the trucks throttle body all the way open since this carb will be the new throttle body.
I will be darned the thing fired up and idled and revved super quick.
I would bet this set up would out run and out MPG the injection as it must go through some very long runners to get to the head.

My buddy about crapped when it fired up and ran great.
He did not think making a plenum carb adapter from a tree branch would work.
I wish I had pictures.

So really all the electronics and timing chain and valves work and I found out after I had built the carb setup that they had replaced the fuel line to the injectors and it had broken down inside the line and chunks and small pieces of black broken down rubber was all in the hose.

Probably just clogged injectors.

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