So I am "owed" 3 steak dinners


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Aug 27, 2007
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Smallville, OK
I have a "freind" and by that I mean I don't even know his real name, he just goes by Panama. I go to the American Legion club room almost every Thursday afternoon to have a couple of beers. Panama is almost always there (don't know if he just goes Thursdays or not). He is a HUGE Norman Premature Ejaculators fan and likes to bet on football. I'm an OSU fan, prior to the RedRiver game at the Cotton Bowl he wanted to bet a steak dinner that his team would win, and he offered me Texas and 10 points. The deal is the winner brings the receipt for the dinner and there is a $25.00 limit.
This week for the Kansas game, he gave me Kansas plus 30 points. That's 2 for me.
He also wanted to bet the OSU/ISU game and said he would give me 6 points. That's 3 for me. Disappointed we lost, but still a "win" for me.

So, where in Tulsa should I go for the best steak dinner?
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