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North East OK **Sold**. VZ61 Skorpion pistol


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Mar 27, 2008
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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
FTF in the Tulsa area.

Up for sale is a semi-auto VZ-61 Skorpion made by D-Technk in its original designed caliber of 32ACP. D-technik eventually renamed itself to Czech Small Arms and still imports VZ61 Skorpions today through Czechpoint. D-Technik originally used their new semi-auto receivers paired with original parts from former Czech Miliary VZ61 submachine guns. This gun has an original Czech military blued upper receiver with original bolt. The upper has some dings and scratches as you would expect from its former military service(mainly on the underside of the trunion), but overall the blued finish still looks to be in good condition as you can see from the photos.

This is being sold with an original military leather holster, one 20 round magazine, and one 10 round magazine. I have additional magazines available if you are interested.

Wikipedia has a lot of good information on this gun if you’re not already familiar with it. These have a surprisingly light and crisp trigger and are a blast to shoot at the range.

CSA/Czechpoint sells these for over $800 and now made with many commercial parts vs the military parts on this gun. If you wanted to assemble your own today using a military parts kit, you'll pay $250-350 for the kit, $150-200 for the barrel, and then $395 for a receiver, for a minimum cost of $795 or more.

$700 obo. I do have this listed elsewhere. FTF in the Tulsa area.


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