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Nov 30, 2015
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Just another one of those days. Wife forgets her cell ( I never carry mine unless I am driving) We get our Aldi shopping done and hit Walmart for the odds and ends we need. Get that done, load the stuff in the car, wife jumps in starts it and jumps out closing the door. Keys, purse, everything is now locked in the car. Again I am not carrying my keys either since I am not driving.

I go to get my emergency key hided back in my wallet. Wife "Oh I forgot to give that back last time we had the car worked on". So standing in Walmart parking lot at the car as it is running while the wife goes inside and uses a phone to call the daughter. 2 hours later they have decided to call an Uber, except we have no house keys. Can not reach AAA. I finally send the wife in to buy a hammer and knock out a side window.

We make it home and the first thing I did was get my emergency key back. Some days I hate my life.
I hopped on the mower last night and shortly thereafter hit a small T of 2 3/8s pipe I left there and bent the center spindle.. $ 100 and like I needed something else to work on, as if I didn't have enough to do already.. I feel your pain and then some bud..

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