Sounds like Big Daddy Unlimited is in for a world of hurt


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Dec 31, 2013
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Logan County
More trouble for BDU -

Another sh*tty week for Big Daddy Unlimited and their poorly crafted shell company Wide Open Triggers.
1. The Florida Attorney General has launched an investigation into why Wide Open Enterprises LLC, a New Mexico LLC that was explicitly designed to “hit it & quit it”, was offering a “lifetime warranty”. Presumably the State of Florida will also be looking into why Wide Open Enterprises LLC failed to establish Florida foreign corporate qualification despite clearly having a nexus in Florida. It’s also interesting that they mentioned to contact the ATF.
2. ATF has moved to formally seize the Wide Open Triggers it took from both BDU and its alter ego America Unlimited, as illegal Machine-Guns. I think that’s ********, but that doesn’t make it go away. You can see the documents here:
3. If ATF is seriously going to call the WOT a “Machine-Gun”, given how the WOT was made in Bosnia after copying the Rare Breed Trigger and imported to the US, that puts them on the hook for importing an unregistered NFA item. Though I think those laws are also ********, my opinions & feelings don’t make them go away.
4. Like I’ve pointed out earlier, if ATF is going to seriously call the RBT and the WOT a “Machine-Gun”, that means that when the Rare Breed Trigger was sent to Bosnia to be copied, it was the unlicensed export of a Defense Article under ITAR. That’s something that Homeland Security Investigations frowns upon quite biggly.
5. Because BDU can’t pay their bills, suppliers are cutting them off from products. There’s been liens placed against BDU, and my understanding is that everything drop-shipped from most of their suppliers has to be paid in full before it ships. That doesn’t bode well for their future.
6. Rare Breed Firearms now has a detailed layout of BDU’s operations, its corporate alter egos, the individuals involved, copies of various documents, and much more. I’m glad that I was able to fill in the gaps of what they didn’t know and give them a much more accurate picture of what to target. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems like Rare Breed may be able to pierce the corporate veil and come after people personally.
If you bought a Wide Open Trigger, especially with the “Lifetime Warranty”, you can file complaints with the following agencies:
Florida Attorney General:
Federal Trade Commission:

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Mar 14, 2009
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Throw in trash and move on!
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