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State lawmakers asking NRA to relocate to Oklahoma


May 12, 2010
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TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Oklahoma lawmakers are encouraging the National Rifle Association to move its headquarters to Oklahoma.

The NRA is currently moving its incorporation status to Texas, but it's also considering moving its national headquarters.

Rep. Steve Bashore, the author of House Resolution 1007, said now would be a perfect time to extend the invitation.

“Our citizens and our state Legislature have an obvious love and appreciation for our Second Amendment right to bear arms,” Bashore said. “With the association’s announcement, we want to extend a welcome and open invitation to relocate to our firearm-friendly state.”

Lawmakers in the House approved a resolution saying that "any company seeking freedom and liberty is encouraged to make Oklahoma its home."


Maybe our "sharp as tacks" OK lawmakers are unaware of the controversy surrounding NRA and LaPierre's questionable actions? Last I heard, the move to Texas was to run from the law, so to speak.
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