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Dec 14, 2005
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Upcoming Oil Capital Steel Challenge is Sunday December 22nd. Registration is now open at You will need to create a free Practiscore account if you do not already have one. Practiscore registration data must be carefully entered, hopefully by the registrant. If USPSA or SCSA member, enter your name as it shows on your official record. Enter member number exactly as it reads there. Check your dashboard if you are a member and have shot previous SC matches; you probably have a Classification.

Official Steel Challenge Shooters Assn sanction is now in place. You do not need to be a USPSA or SCSA member to shoot our Level 1 matches. OC Steel Challenge shoots the 1st and 4th Sundays each month. Steel Challenge has a new website; see link

Match fee of $15 ($10 OCRGC) and $5 second gun continues. Schedule is 9:30 AM sign-in, 10:00 AM safety meeting. Six stages. We regularly put out bulk water, pop up tents and seating convenient to the shooter’s box. Bring a new shooter along! If you are able, assistance in tearing the match down after completion is appreciated.

With our recent purchase of more Fire 8 scoring tablets we will not be squad number limited for future matches. We’ll be able to run as many as 7 squads as we continue to grow. To make your target painting experience better, I’ve purchased several cans of a high quality white spray paint.

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