Struggles Continue SE Louisiana - Bag Heads Show Up

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Sep 17, 2018
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New Orleans
For many years I have posted many pictures of the same guys on the same dock holding handfuls of ducks and pouledeau. We were excited about the prospects of the second split since the aerial survey reported more ducks in the state but our woes continue. Not sure why our area is suffering but it is. Sure we wish we had more duck action but not shooting limits will not detour us from having a good time. We thought a throwback to the bags on the head that were reflective of the Saints of the past having bad football seasons as we are having a bad duck season. All we can hope for is much like our Saints there was always “next season” hopefully we will have ducks “next season”.

Date Hunted: 12/21/2019:

In the rain two boats went out. 0 ducks were shot for the effort. Both boats gave it up around 8:00 to get dried out.

Date Hunted 12/22/2019:

The water came up over night for a tide on the high side. Very cloudy conditions with a real nice breeze out of the north. One of the darkest boat rides out to the blind in a long time, we all guessed right. Real nice conditions for a duck hunt. Two boats went out. We put out 48 decoys, 2 spinners and 4 flickers in our pond. Each blind shot one duck. We shot a dosgris and the other shot a blue winged teal in the picture. That’s it for the day. Stopped hunting at 9:00am.

Some guys we know hunt in SE Louisiana shot some limits over the weekend so not everyone is struggling as we are. Happy to hear some are having success.

Merry Christmas to everyone and happy hunting.
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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
You guys will starve to death with those kills.
I kick ducks up all the time here on lakes and ponds.
I used to hunt them years ago then they came out with the NO lead thing. I quit hunting ducks about then.

I did go for a couple Canadian geese a few years ago.. Darn things were tough as boot leather eating an old hen.
Not into the pressure cooker they went.
Made enchiladas out of them.

I also found #4 shot steel is not enough to keep the Geese down. I had to strip down to my tighty whities and swim out to retrieve the 2 I shot.
I was used to the knock down of #4 lead I suppose.

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