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Aug 15, 2012
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I typically take a rimfire pistol in the boat. BUT, I also take a 22cal air pistol with a barrel-mounted light that has plenty of punch for snakes or snappers if necessary. Quieter, safer option for most fishing situations. The Crosman 2240 CO2 with an added 10" barrel is what I usually take and is fine if the temperature above 70* so the CO2 produces plenty of power. I'd imagine the factory 7" barrel would be fine too if you needed to save space, but I have a case large enough for the longer barrel and it gives more FPS.

If you want a pumper for year-round use, you can get a 1322. You can pre-pump it before you go fishing (but don't leave it pumped for more than day or so) and these guns can handle over-pumping for more power as long as it isn't shot that way too much. You can also buy multi-shot magazines for either of them. All of them can be modified for more power but it gets expensive and isn't necessary for snakes...A stock gun is under 100 bux and will do the job. I've even seen mods where they cut and recrown the OEM barrel on the 2240 so it actually fits in a standard tackle box. Even with that short barrel, the 22cal pellet would do the job on snake within 10yrds or so, and more discreet than a powder burner.
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